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Wisconsin taxidermy European Skull Mount shop European skull mounts are sometimes referred to as western skull mounts or western mounts. We are a top quality skull mount processor with over 10 years of experience using dermestidae beetles. And our pricing can't be beat! Send your animal heads to us and we will process them into a beautiful skull mount.

We use beetles to clean the skull. Processing European Skull Mounts or Western Skull Mounts using dermestidae beetles has advantages over boiling a skull. First is that it leaves the skull superior in whiteness and the skull stays tight, but boiling the fats and pigments tend to stain the skull. Boiling also loosens and separates the many bones in a skull.

European Skull Mounts or Western Mounts are ever increasing in popularity due to their cost effectiveness compared to a traditional head mount.

Examples of our European Skull Mounts
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Whitetail Deer skull mount
Whitetail Deer skull
Whitetail Deer skull mount
Whitetail Deer skull
Ram skull
Ram skull
Bear skull
Bear skull

Skull mount pedestalSwivel Pedestals & Plaques. Our staff includes a self-employed cabinet maker who makes our free hardwood plaques for the European Skull Mounts. New: we are able to engrave the year on the European Skull Mount plaques free of charge! (shown at left is the free engraved plaque with the $15 swivel pedestal attached. Click photo to enlarge)

We offer a beautiful hardwood pedestal (only $15.00!) that attaches to the free hardwood plaque. It swivels to hold the European skull mount at a 45° angle either hanging on a wall or sitting on a table (as shown in the picture).

We process European Skull Mounts and Western Skull Mounts for only $60 each. The optional swivel pedestal is only $15.00. Don't wait, call us today!

Shipping. Because of high shipping costs, we are no accepting jobs via delivery services (UPS/Fedex/USPS). If you would like to drop off your animal head at our Greenwood, WI location, please call us for the details and directions.

We can process almost any kind of animal skull you have! These include:

Prong-horned / Antelope
Mountain Lion
Dogs & Cats

Note: We no longer process pig/boar skulls.

If you have any questions about the European Skull Mounts
you can reach us by telephone at
(715) 267-6104

N12054 Evergreen Ave.
Greenwood, WI 54437

More Examples of our European Skull Mounts
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Ram skull mount
Ram skull
Bear skull mount
Bear skull
Coyote skull mount
Coyote skull


Disclaimer: Please do not inquire about human skulls!

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